Will The Treatment Hurt?

Rather than cause pain, many endodontic procedures are performed to relieve pain caused by pulp inflamation or infection. As well, with modern techniques and anesthetics, most patients report that they are comfortable during the procedure. The tooth and surrounding treatment area will be completely numb during treatment so you won’t feel any pain. After treatment you may experience some post operative sensitivity, especially if their was pain or infection before the procedure. This sensitivity is completely manageable with a prescribed regimen of over-the-counter or prescription pain medication.

Pain should not continue more than a few days after treatment. If pain continues book an appointment with your endodontist as soon as possible.

When Can I Return To My Normal Activities?

Most patients after treatment return to their normal activities the next day. Ask your Endodontist about your scheduled recovery time and what you can expect after treatment.

Can I Drive Myself Home?

In many cases you can drive yourself home. However, speak to your Endodontist about your treatment before your appointment so you can make the necessary transportation arrangements.

Are payment plans available for my dental treatment?

Yes. We accept many types of dental insurance and will process your claim for you upon receipt of your co-payment. We offer a low-interest-rate payment plan and also accept cash, personal cheques, and MasterCard, Visa and Debit / Interac.

What if I have an emergency?

Please call our office as soon as you determine that you have a dental emergency.

What can you do if I feel anxious?

Some people feel anxious about their dental appointments. If you are one of those people, we recommend you avoid stimulants like sugar and caffeine before your appointment. We will talk with you and address any concerns you have before we begin any treatment. We also have a variety of sedation techniques available from nitrous oxide (laughing gas), to oral sedation, I.V. sedation and general anesthesia. We want you to feel comfortable.